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  • By the numbers

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    of households have at least one dog

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    of dog owners want to combine daily walks with errands

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    of Millennials view themselves as “pet parents”

  • Convenience for a new era

    Pet owners seek acceptance and care for their companions when visiting grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops and shopping centres.

    Catering to these needs is vital to attracting and retaining this growing and passionate market segment.

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  • Proven at scale

    Continuing a successful track record spanning 4 years, operating hundreds of stations and caring for over 50,000 pets in Brazil, we have arrived in Canada and are launching in Metro Vancouver with additional regions planned for 2024.

    PetParker stations take up minimal space and our fully managed service includes maintenance, cleaning and remote monitoring.

  • PetParker users*

    15-20 min.

    Typical stay


    Increase in spending


    Choose locations with a pet safety station

    * Based on primary research conducted in Brazil

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    One solution, multiple businesses

    Our smart stations are installed next to the business' entrance and offer a suite of transformative benefits.

    Accessible to pet owners through a free app, the stations are controlled and monitored with ease.

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    Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

    Increase visit frequency and value

    A pet safety solution facilitates spontaneous purchases and engenders loyalty. We also help prevent unwanted incidents and arguments with shoppers, staff and health protection officers.

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    Shopping Centres

    Deliver superior guest services

    Encourage customers to stay longer, visit more tenants, and enjoy the variety offered at your food court. You can finally elevate the customer experience for pet parents, and accommodate others who fear animals or suffer from allergies.

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    Health & Fitness

    Enhance healthy living

    Encourage your patrons to walk with their pets before and after their recreational activities or sessions. Enabling this as part of their routines will position your facility as a central partner in a healthy lifestyle.

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    Pharmacies & Drugstores

    A prescription for growth

    By offering pet owners peace of mind and a welcoming experience, your business can easily become the preferred destination for prescriptions and other necessities.

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    Food & Beverage

    Remove consumption friction

    Facilitate both on-the-go purchases and sit-down experiences. Beverages, snacks and take-out become much more accessible to your customers once they know their pets are safe, even if out of their sight.

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    Offices and Co-working space

    Support "bring your dog to work"

    More and more companies and co-working spaces are pet-friendly. Support your team and tenants by offering a safe space for their companions when they need to attend an important meeting or grab a meal.

  • Where to find us

    Locations are regularly updated in the PetParker app.

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