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  • By the numbers

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    of households have at least one dog

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    of dog owners want to combine daily walks with errands

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    of Millennials view themselves as “pet parents”

  • Convenience for a new era

    Many pet owners consider themselves 'pet parents' and seek to spend more time with their companions, including bringing them along on daily errands and shopping.

    Fulfilling this need with the help of our innovative and community-focused pet safety amenity can position your brand as one that really cares for this growing customer segment.

    Furthermore, it can turn your stores into preferred shopping destinations for planned and unplanned visits.

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  • Proven and Impactful

    Our successful track record spans over 4 years and hundreds of safety stations at grocery stores, supermarkets, drugstores and other businesses.

    By providing a sanctuary for pets we allow their owners to shop and run errands with peace of mind. The impact of this service is real: improved mobility, stronger communities and thriving local businesses that are more accessible to everyone!

    PetParker stations take up minimal space and subscription to our fully managed service includes equipment rental, maintenance, cleaning and remote monitoring.

  • PetParker users*

    15-20 min.

    Typical stay


    Increase in spending


    Choose locations with a pet safety station

    * Based on primary research conducted in Brazil

  • One solution, broad benefits

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    Our smart stations are installed next to the business' entrance and offer a suite of transformative benefits.

    Accessible to pet owners through a free app, the stations are controlled and monitored with ease.

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  • Increase visit frequency

    This free pet safety amenity boosts customer loyalty and facilitates spontaneous purchases anytime a pet owner passes by your store.

    Increase ticket value

    Our stations provide shoppers with unparalleled peace of mind which result in longer visits and more sales.

    Provide a welcoming space

    Our pet safety solution helps curb unwanted incidents and arguments between shoppers, and reduces the burden on your staff.

    Improve safety for all

    Reducing situations of unattended animals around the store improves safety and accessibility for those with allergies or fear of animals.

    Ensure compliance

    Minimizing occurrences of animals inside the store mitigates the risk of health regulation, bylaw complaints and risk of liability.

    Stay focused on business

    Your busy staff shouldn't be spending time enforcing policies, cleaning up after pets or dealing with animals left alone in vehicles.

  • Where to find us

    The following organizations are among the first in Canada to offer PetParker at their properties.

    Locations are regularly updated in the PetParker app.

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    Is your business interested?

    We have Limited availability of PetParker stations for Metro Vancouver and expansion plans for other regions are underway. Please inquire below.

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  • Join the PetParker network today

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