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  • A catalyst for connections

    The continued growth of pet ownership has a profound impact on society - stimulating community connections and the economy.

    As pet owners seek to spend more time with their pets in public and expect to live in a pet-friendly environment, our shared spaces and regulations must adapt to these needs while protecting the rights and safety of all.

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    Walkability made easy

    Whether it's for a visit to the park, a walk around the block or an hour-long stroll in the neighbourhood, pet owners and their companions can be seen in public at all times.

    Providing pet safety stations at public facilities such as libraries and recreation centres, or permitting them on sidewalks outside small businesses, will allow more people to integrate shopping and errands into their daily walks.

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    The benefits of pet-friendly cities

    Our smart stations facilitate greater mobility as pet owners are able to visit small businesses and public venues accompanied by their pets. Easily accessible through a free app, the stations provide comfort and safety for pets.

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    Business and Commerce

    Stimulate local businesses

    Cities can significantly increase accessibility to retail and hospitality businesses by allowing pet safety stations on public property.

    Such accommodations, placed in a manner that avoids obstruction to pedestrians and wheelchairs, can make a huge difference for brick-and-mortar businesses that face numerous challenges and rely on local consumption.

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    Health and Well-being

    Protect the needs of all constituents

    While domestic animals have been shown to contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of pet owners, their increasing presence within society creates challenges for health protection authorities.

    Both regulators and enforcement organizations need to adapt to this phenomenon while ensuring the personal rights and safety of all members of the public are protected without compromising on public health.

    Our stations provide a balanced solution to satisfy the needs and constraints of all citizens, service providers and authorities.

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    Environment and Mobility

    Revitalize pedestrian traffic

    Investments in cycling, vehicle-sharing and micro-mobility infrastructure and programs have already shown results in reducing society's reliance on private cars and helping local governments meet their traffic and emission goals faster.

    Similar to how cycling is encouraged, accessibility at businesses and public venues provides pet owners the flexibility to combine shopping and errands into their daily routines.

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    Public Safety and Enforcement

    Reduce the strain on public servants

    Thanks to increased dog ownership, people can be witnessed walking city streets at all times of day, effectively providing more vigilance against property and other types of crime.

    At the same time we are experiencing more occurrences of distressed pets left unattended in vehicles or tethered outside businesses, resulting in various incidents and calls for intervention.

    PetParker stations provide safe and comfortable pet enclosures that mitigate such situations and reduce the need to dispatch bylaw enforcement or first responders.