• Advisor - Veterinary / Animal Health

    About the role

    PetParker is seeking an advisor with strong and relevant experience in the veterinary field to join our team of advisors, currently consisting of business development, financial and dog behaviour experts.

    The role of advisors is to complement our management team with subject matter expertise and relevant connections within their respective fields, providing the company with the guidance necessary to grow the business, manage risk and cultivate trust with customers and users.


    All current members of the management and advisory teams are pet owners who consider their pets as an integral part of their family. The health and safety of pets is therefore paramount in all aspects of our operations and a central tenet of our culture.


    This is therefore an important role with significant ability to influence operational decisions, policies, company reputation and user adoption.


    This is also a great opportunity for an industry expert who is passionate about pet safety, and is interested in joining an organization that can significantly improve the wellbeing of pets into our communities, enhance mobility in our cities and elevate safety for all - humans and pets.


    • Be the subject matter expert on animal safety, wellbeing and health related matters, including regional SPCA guidelines and veterinary industry guidelines and policies.
    • Provide relevant information regarding disease control, preventative measures and sanitation practices, including sharing of best practices and supporting the establishment of operational procedures.
    • Act as a source of information on changes in relevant regulations and where to best remain updated on any occurrences of sicknesses and related pet health issues in the communities being served by PetParker.
    • Provide PetParker with an expert voice on issues related to pet safety, wellbeing and health, including support in media releases, interviews and videos.


    • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, licensed in Canada. Retired veterinarians will be considered.
    • Minimum 5 years of work experience in the veterinary field, with a focus on household pets.
    • Specialized in internal medicine and/or infectious diseases.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Conversational French is desirable.
    • Currently a pet parent, highly desirable.
    • Resident of Canada.


    • There is no set hourly commitment for the role.
    • Advisory board members should be generally available on an as-needed basis for consultation and may be required to participate in periodic advisory board (virtual) meetings, at most once a month.


    This role participates in the company's share option plan.

    About PetParker (Canada)

    PetParker operates a network of smart dog houses (called "PetParker stations") that are located outside brick and mortar retail, hospitality and other venues that have an interest in catering to and attracting the growing number of pet owners in Canada (~1 in 3 households own a dog).


    Our stations allow pet owners to combine shopping and errands with their daily dog walking routines, by providing pets a secluded space while their humans are indoors.

    This allows pet owners to conduct their business, while knowing that their companions are comfortable and safe.

    We work with retailers (e.g. Grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores, etc.), shopping malls, hospitality (e.g. Quick service restaurants, coffee shops, etc.), health and wellness clinics, and other businesses that don't allow animals (other than service animals) or need a better way to enhance safety, comfort and hygiene for everyone.

    Businesses serving or selling food are particularly interested in catering to pet owners but are subject to strict health regulations. The presence of animals within such venues creates a variety of unwanted interactions and risks.


    The robust and secure stations are operated using an easy-to-use (and free) smartphone app, including a variety of features such as remote monitoring and climate control.


    The PetParker service has been running successfully at scale for over three years in Brazil, has served tens of thousands of pets and consistently yields high satisfaction ratings by both business customers and users.

    We're building our partner network throughout Canada, and are excited to work with forward thinking brands that want to pursue this unique opportunity, strengthen customer engagement and grow their business.